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F1 GP 3D Track Frame Art - SOLO TR - 2023 Singapore GP - Carlos Sainz

A New Way to Reliving Scuderia Ferrari’s Iconic Team Radio Moments

Formula 1 is not just about roaring engines and high-speed races, it’s also about the human drama, the strategies, and the iconic team radio moments that keep fans at the edge of their seats. With our Customized F1 3D Track Frame – TR collection, we celebrate these iconic F1 team radio, focusing on none other than the legendary Scuderia Ferrari Team.

Ferrari’s Iconic Team Radio Moments

Kimi’s Triumph – United States GP (2018)

The Iceman, Kimi Raikkonen, is no stranger to memorable team radio moments. His victory at the 2018 United States Grand Prix, after a 113-race dry spell, was nothing short of iconic. As the Ferrari engineer exclaimed, “Grande Kimi, Grande Kimi! Well done, my friend!” Kimi’s response was characteristic: “Eh, thank you, f***ing finally.” His ability to keep his cool under pressure, fending off challenges from Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, marked a triumphant return to the winner’s circle for the Finnish driver.

Monaco Drama – Charles Leclerc (2022)

Who could forget Charles Leclerc’s tense radio communication during the 2022 Monaco GP? “Box now, box now, box now…Stay out! Stay out! Stay out!” – the message from the Ferrari pit wall was clear. However, by the time the correction came, Leclerc was already driving into the pits, visibly frustrated and swearing over the radio. The strategic errors left him feeling that victory was snatched away, making this a memorable moment for Ferrari fans worldwide.

Singapore Success – Carlos Sainz (2023)

In the high-stakes drama of the 2023 Singapore GP, Carlos Sainz displayed remarkable racing acumen. With the competition nipping at his heels, tensions ran high on the Ferrari pit wall, especially when McLaren’s Lando Norris closed the gap within the critical one-second DRS range. Sainz’s race engineer, Riccardo Adami, quickly relayed the situation: “Lando, 0.8 (seconds) behind with DRS.”

F1 GP 3D Track Frame Art - SOLO TR - 2023 Singapore GP - Carlos Sainz

However, Sainz remained a step ahead. His strategic maneuvers were deliberate, as he deftly balanced his pace to keep Norris at bay while conserving his resources. When Adami questioned the closeness of the chase, Sainz’s confident response spoke volumes: “Yeah, it’s on purpose.” His calculated approach paid off, securing him his second Formula One victory and reaffirming Ferrari’s competitive spirit on the global stage.

Our TR Series is more than just a piece of wall art. It’s a tribute to the heart-stopping moments, the triumphs, and the trials that define Formula 1. With its detailed 3D tracks and 1/43 scale car models, this frame captures the drama and passion of iconic radio communications.

Customize your frame to reflect these iconic moments, choosing your preferred Grand Prix, year, and driver. Each frame is unique, ensuring you receive a piece that resonates with your racing passion and reflects your fandom. It’s a perfect tribute for any F1 enthusiast and a thoughtful gift for those who share your passion.

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